Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR)
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(Baton Rouge, Louisiana - LA, USA)

Previously shadowed by nearby New Orleans International Airport, but now gaining in prominence since Hurricane Katrina, Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is constantly adding to its range of flights and services.

The airport has frequent daily, direct nonstop flights to many major cities across the United States such as Houston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Atlanta. American, Delta and United Express all serve BTR airport.

Baton Rouge Metropolitan is small and compact, making it extremely easy to find your way around. The two-leveled terminal has a standard layout, with Arrivals situated on the first floor and Departures on the second. A large parking garage has both short-term and long-term parking, and is connected to the terminal by covered walkways.

Terminal Information

Baton Rouge's airport has a pleasant split-level terminal that is compact and easy to get around. Arrivals is situated on the first floor, while Departures is on the second. The atrium is three stories high, allowing for plenty of light and creating and airy ambiance.
  • Terminal - serves major US cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Orlando, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, Dallas, St. Louis and Chicago. Major airlines operating from the terminal include American, Delta and US Airways

The following list provides information on the main airlines that serve Baton Rouge Metropolitan (BTR).

Concourse A

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Connection (ExpressJet Airlines)
  • United Express (Chautauqua Airlines)
  • United Express (ExpressJet Airlines)

Concourse B

  • American Eagle
  • US Airways Express (PSA Airlines)

Baton Rouge Airport BTR

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